Non-Governmental Organizations Doing More

This is the shocking state of affairs. There is no debating around the fact that in many cases around the world, anti trafficking organizations are doing a lot more of a world of good than local and national governments are doing, if they are doing anything at all. Some argue that they simply do not have the resources to deal with the numerous plights of trafficking being reported. But apart from excuses of self-denial, there is generally a lack of political will. This statement of fact has now become one of the saddest clich├ęs of all. The resources are there. It is just that they do not care.

anti trafficking organizations

But come every couple of years and guess what, they are alive and listening. But they want the votes too. It should not come as any surprise as to why there is just so much voter apathy around. It is infectious. It does make sense, and it eats at the conscience of people. Why vote for someone, put him in office, and use your tax dollars to sustain him when he is going to do little or nothing to address your concerns.

And right about now, many folks are extremely concerned about the dark side of trafficking. There is human trafficking. It is ongoing, some say, it is even growing. Not talked about as often; there is the trafficking in human body parts. Not pilfered from city morgues and graveyard sites, but actually taken from desperate or unwitting men and women still very much alive. And then there is the trafficking in endangered species, both flora and fauna.

Even so, it is not all doom and gloom. Part of the optimism comes from the fact that there are still people out there fighting for the just cause.